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What is The Portable Lifestyle™?

On October 14th, 2007, Kathryn Alice and Jon Tompkins set off on a World Tour. They took their two small children with them. Running their internet business as they travel, the couple has so far been to more than 20 tropical countries.

In the process, they have met many others living "The Portable Lifestyle" - singles, couples and families also traveling and working because in today's high tech world, they CAN.

Kathryn & Jon have shepherded many others into this wonderful life of travel and publish a monthly Ezine called TraveLiving. They are married with four children.

Kathryn is a best-selling author of the book Love Will Find You and an international speaker having taught in more than 30 cities and at dozens of events throughout the States and worldwide. She is a licensed practitioner with the breakthrough Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, California where she served as Director of the Crisis Support Team for six years.

Jon is an audio and technology guru who has worked in executive, financial, and development roles in numerous Internet and new technology companies including SoftAware Networks, Cable & Wireless PLC, and The Voice Internet. He is also an accomplished composer and audio producer of titles such as the uplifting "Cheers to You" which was featured twice on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Both Kathryn and Jon were major forces behind Holistic Living Magazine; she as author of the "Dating, Love & Soulmates" column and he as publisher and corporate officer. Together they run successful Internet businesses as well as a consulting business. It only took them a few months to prepare for this trip, yet they have already shepherded others into this lifestyle. They have co-created bestselling products together and their work has been featured in Psychology Today, Parade, The New York Times, Body+Soul, and Newsweek, as well as on Montel Williams, The Ellen Degeneres Show, KXLU & KPFK radio, and on NBC television.